Free Game Assets – Is anyone interested?

I’ve been interested in game development for many years, and I’ve worked on several unfinished gaming projects (I’m still working on one of them). During that time I had created or half-created many graphic assets, and I think that some of them could still be useful to someone.

I would like to help programmers who are just starting out and need graphics for their freeware games or placeholder images for testing and learning purposes. The best way to achieve this goal is to create complete graphic kits that would contain everything necessary to complete simple 2D games. The kits would include sprites, tiles, backgrounds, character portraits and GUI.

I will start by creating a kit for platformer and sidescroller games because I already have most of the necessary images. I need to slightly improve them, then I will create new animated sprite sheets, either in Spriter Pro or Dragon Bones Pro.

Here is an example of the graphic style that I will use in the first game assets kit.

fantasy-characters-01.pngCreative Commons License

I will grant everyone the right to use the images in their personal projects or freeware games. The only condition for non-commercial use of these assets will be that I must receive a credit (something like ‘graphics created by Radka Kavalcova –’).

What do you think about this idea of mine, dear readers? Is anybody interested in this project? Any ideas? I’d love to see your feedback and comments on this. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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