Animation in Dragon Bones Pro

Today, I’ve tried to learn how to use Dragon Bones Pro – software for 2D modular animation, which you can use to create animated sprites for games or to create motion comics.dragonbonespro-screenshot-radka.png

The program has very intuitive interface and controls, and I was able to rig my character within five minutes (next time I’ll be faster). After that, I’ve created basic walk cycle and sword attack.


I still need to create a few more types of attack and movement like jumping and running.

MyPaint – My favorite sketching program

I love working with vector programs, but I need to use something else when I want to sketch something quickly or come up with new ideas. This is something that I have to do with a bitmap program and Wacom tablet (even the cheapest one will do). I’ve tried many different programs, and I plan on trying more of them in the future, but I always come back to MyPaint.

MyPaint sketches in different stages of progress

MyPaint is Open Source and free program, which is mainly used for painting, illustration and concept art. It comes with variety of brushes, palettes, backgrounds etc. The program is simple enough not to distract you, yet powerful enough to serve professionals in many different areas of digital art.

MyPaint and its interface is very customizable, this picture shows my default interface

My favorite feature of MyPaint is the endless canvas. Thanks to endless canvas I don’t have to think about the size and resolution of my picture, and I always have enough space to add backgrounds to my characters.  I can create storyboards or thumbnails for the whole comic book and still have enough space to expand my story and ideas however I want.

If you’d like to give MyPaint a try you can download it on its official website.

Animation with Aseprite

I love animation and I’m constantly looking for new and interesting programs that I can make use of.  I’m mostly interested in modular animation because I usually animate simple 2D characters, and I want to be able to convey stories and action in the most effective way possible. Yesterday, I’ve made an exception and tried to animate with a program that is mostly used for pixel art.

The program is called Aseprite, and I bought it circa 18 months ago, because I thought that I will be able to use it to edit my spritesheets. I used the program only few times, and then I’ve forgotten about it. Yesterday, I’ve tried the program once again, and now I can finally say, that it’s a great program and I enjoy ‘playing’ with it.

Aseprite looks deceitfully simple, yet it’s the most powerful and complex pixel art software I’ve ever used. Here’s my first  Aseprite animation:

I haven’t created anything in pixel art style before, so this animation is very simple. I’d love to take a deeper look into this program and create something better and more complex. I also need to get acquainted more with the functions and capabilities of Aseprite – I’m sure I still haven’t discovered most of its function.

You can buy full version of Aseprite or download trial version of Aseprite on its official website. Aseprite is also available on Steam.