Egyptian characters

Today, I worked in Inkscape and redraw some of the characters that I had previously sketched in MyPaint.egyptian-characters-01.png

Tomorrow I will add some bodies and poses to these busts to have complete characters, which would be suitable both for use in graphic assets kits for 2D games and for royalty free licensing via microstock agencies.

MyPaint – My favorite sketching program

I love working with vector programs, but I need to use something else when I want to sketch something quickly or come up with new ideas. This is something that I have to do with a bitmap program and Wacom tablet (even the cheapest one will do). I’ve tried many different programs, and I plan on trying more of them in the future, but I always come back to MyPaint.

MyPaint sketches in different stages of progress

MyPaint is Open Source and free program, which is mainly used for painting, illustration and concept art. It comes with variety of brushes, palettes, backgrounds etc. The program is simple enough not to distract you, yet powerful enough to serve professionals in many different areas of digital art.

MyPaint and its interface is very customizable, this picture shows my default interface

My favorite feature of MyPaint is the endless canvas. Thanks to endless canvas I don’t have to think about the size and resolution of my picture, and I always have enough space to add backgrounds to my characters.  I can create storyboards or thumbnails for the whole comic book and still have enough space to expand my story and ideas however I want.

If you’d like to give MyPaint a try you can download it on its official website.